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Work Streams at One Fact Foundation

Authors: Alex Hradecky, Hope Sutherland, John Carter

Editor: Jaan Altosaar, PhD

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Data Thinking

This set of resources has been developed in tight collaboration with:

  • University of Tartu:
  • Princeton University:
  • University of Pennsylvania (Fall 2023)

Payless Health

This project is backed by the Brown Institute ( at Columbia University and Stanford University, alongside Power to the Patients (


Help Pages

Search Engine


This is our AI research into developing models like ClinicalBERT ( that have been cited by many folks including BloombergGPT ( We work with a variety of data sources from claim feeds, partnerships with employers and unions, through to electronic health records through a partnership with the NIH All of Us study (


This project is sponsored by the WikiCred team, and uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to detect coordinated action in media and social media networks. Health reporting is hard to verify, and facts about health care (such as long COVID symptoms) hard to assess.