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Getting started on GitHub

GitHub is an online database for git repositories. git is a command-line application that helps version control software.

On Mac

  1. Install the homebrew package manager:
  2. Install Visual Studio Code:

In Visual Studio Code

  1. Open Visual Studio code, sign in, sync your settings by signing in with GitHub
  2. Install the Extension:
  3. Click clone repository and select this repository. If you want an extra layer of backup, you can clone the repository to your google drive or dropbox.

For version control in Visual Studio

  1. Look for the source control icon below the search icon
  2. Click on the source control menu bar (the three dots)
  3. Select pull to pull changes, or select push to push changes you make locally.
  4. Have it good

To try Copilot as a Student

  1. Get verified as a student with your .edu email for the GitHub student developer pack: or
  2. Install the extension:
  3. Follow these steps to enable it:
  4. Open a piece of R code and try it out.
  5. Read the tutorial on R: