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🚴 What

The Five Boro Bike Tour is the United States' "biggest bike ride" ( We are an official charity partner of the ride; see our logo here:

πŸ’¬ Communications & πŸ™‹ Getting Help

Voice/Walkie Talkie: Join this Discord channel (you might need to install the Android app or iPhone app) for the voice channel, kind of like walkie talkies. This will help us stay in touch throughout the 40 mile race if we need, share waypoints or photo opportunities, etc:

Invite link for the One Fact Foundation Discord: πŸŽ™οΈ

Email: email for help at any time!

πŸ•– When & πŸ“ Where the One Fact Foundation team is meeting

On Sunday May 7, 2023, we are meeting in front of STUDIOTWENTYSEVEN at the following address:

241 Church St, New York, NY 10013, United States

(Google Maps)

This is on the East side of Church Street, to align with our ride suggestion of staying on the right side of the mass of riders biking alongside us. Ride on the right!

⛑️ Gear checklist and dress suggestions

  • Daytime running lights (let us know if you need us to order you front and rear lights!)
  • Helmet (we recommend HΓΆvding helmets; let us know if you need a helmet)
  • Horn (we will have extras)
  • Neon colors! These are our team colors. Anything bright, sparkly, neon is welcome :) and we will have fun tape for everyone.

🧭 Directions from entrance to meeting location

The entrance to the starting location in front of STUDIOTWENTYSEVEN is at Worth Street and the noble street of Broadway.

The directions from the entrance to the Five Boro Bike Tour (at Worth Street and Broadway) to the meeting location are here:

πŸ—ΊοΈ Maps and Wayfinding

The Five Boro Bike Tour map of the ride is here:

Google Maps

Official Five Boro Bike Tour Map, PDF

Map with starting locations for the ride, PDF

During the ride

It is the United States' biggest bike ride and therefore dangerous, so here are things to keep in mind during the ride:

  • Leave your front and rear lights on at all times.
  • Practice defensive biking -- be predictable, no sharp turns, yell and vigorously signal with your hands, head, and body before turning, stopping slowing down, or doing anything that might be perceived as surprising or unpredictable.
  • Stay on the right side. We will stay together using GPS on the right side. Ride on the right! :)

πŸ“Έ Payless Health LinkNYC Stations

  • LinkNYC Kiosk at Bryant Park at 6th Ave & W 42nd St (Google Maps Link) (Northwest corner of Bryant park, Northeast corner of 6th Ave & W 42nd St on the East side of 6th Ave)
  • LinkNYC Kiosk in the Bronx near Grand Concourse (Google Maps Link) (E 138th St & Park Ave; near Rafael's upholstery on North side of E 138th St on corner of Canal Place)

πŸͺΆ What we need from you to post your rider webpage

Please email the following to

  1. A photo of yourself that you love
  2. A few sentences (or as long as you want!) about why you want to help us fundraise.

We'll post these on your rider page.

(A potential starting prompt: what is one fact that has led to meaningful change in your life or the world around you? Or give ChatGPT a try if you have writer's block ;)

You can see an example of a rider page here:

πŸ“„ Official Guide to the Five Boro Bike Tour

Five Boro Bike Tour official tour map

πŸ€— Joining the Team

Reach out to to sign up :)